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Heal Your Heart and Spirit

I welcome you. Receive ANSWERS for every part of life and Past Life Insights. Palm Readngs are combined with Psychic ability to tune-in with you Worldwide. Compassionate Wisdom for all faiths. beliefs, races, and ethnic origins. Awarded "Portland's Most Trusted Psychic" by KGW-TV. 25+ Years Experience. Rated #1 on GOOGLE. See many reviews. *Life Path Guidance *Practical insight *Healing. Receive INSIGHT on lovelife, relationshps, children, marriage, divorce, life purpose, your skills and abilities, business development, money, health, spiritual insight, magnetizing abundance, happiness, and peace. Aura Readings and Clearings are also offered, along with Chakra balancing, and removing anything negative attached. Feel better! Clairvoyant/ I am a Clairaudient/Clairsentient and Empath Healer. ARC Energy Healing opens your Channels to increase your well being and health while opening your Channels and third eye. Receive greater spiritual understanding and practical tools to have more of what you want in life! It was during my NDE Near Death Experience in 1976, that I received my Calling to bring back ARC Healing and Psychic Insight to assist you. I was greeted by two Angelic Beings who escorted me through the tunnel of light. (They are still in communication with me to bring you additional guidance.)

"Thank you, Mariel, for helping me find myself and understand my life purpose. " -Jen Nordstrom-


MAIN LOCATION: 10700 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy., Park Plaza Bldg 2, Suite #470, Beaverton, Oregon 97005  
>>>or meet me in SE Portland on Tacoma Street. I can also travel to your location.<<<

Insight to Inspire You: Happiness ~ Lovelife ~ Relationships ~ Life Path ~ Spiritual Connection ~ Business  ~ Career ~ Healing ~ Family

I have touched OVER 8,000 PEOPLE'S LIVES!

Award Winning Psychic featured on National TV and Radio.   
50 Google Reviews.
"Best Psychic Award"  Beaverton 2021 and prior years.
Featured on international podcasts. Listen in and learn more about ARC Healing, NDE experiences, Angels, and Palm Readings that are given in person -or by text - to look at your soul's agenda for this lifetime.

My PALM READINGS are UNIQUE and include a PSYCHIC READING!  I show you YOUR LINES! +AURA Reading included in longer session.

Serving Portland and the Northwest since 1997 (25 years+).  I devote myself to helping you find answers and your true self. 
  • Appointments Available 7 Days A Week. SAME DAY appointments possible but no guarantee. RESERVE AHEAD is best.
Natural born Clairvoyant / Clairaudient / Clairsentient / Medium and ARC Healer. 
Previously, I had a high-paying Corporate Career and resigned to be of service to you. Let me help you find success with good practical sense, business expertise, and also intuitiveness. +Palmistry is a deep science that shows up and coming opportunities for you.                11 years University Education for Psychic Counseling, Mediumship, Holistic health and ARC Healing for helping you make choices.
During my NDE Near Death Experience I was asked to return and help other by bringing messages from Angels and ARC Healing.

(For Your Convenience: I am only 20 Minutes from Downtown Portland.) 
*I also travel to your EVENT or Group Gathering site for an additional Travel fee. 

CAll TODAY or TEXT ME for an appointment. You can also TEXT me your PALMS for Palm Reading Session long distance!

I have been doing Psychic Readings, Palm Reading, Relationship Guidance, and Healing longer than anyone in Portland! 
Private and confidential  -or- FRIENDS CAN SPLIT A 1 HOUR SESSION ($75 each for 3 people / $60 each for 4 people). 

  • $100 for 30 full minutes.
  • $150 for 45 minutes. (Most popular)
  • (Most popular! And includes practical insight on how to get what you want!)
  • $200 for full 60 minutes of in depth insight and/or Medium to connect with those who passed on.
  • $270 for 90 full minutes (Very popular with Bonus discount $30! For when you need more or combine reading and ARC Healing)
  • $75 for Tarot Card Readings - 35 minutes - with Psychic Tune-In. Helpful when making a decision! I text you photos of your cards.
  • Longer sessions of  90 minutes also available. 
  • $225 ARC Healing with 1-on-1 Mentoring to become a Healer + class on evolving in 90 minute session.
  • $300 Couples Counseling 90 minutes (This could save your marriage / or help you to find love.) 
  • Gift Certificates are available for all occasions.
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  • PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash / Credit / Debit Card / Paypal/ check. CASH is easiest. 
  • Please note: credit cards and paypal have an additional process fee.
  • **No RUSH charges for same day appointments. In a crisis? I can help you find answers.
  • Saturday and Sunday and week day appointments. NO WALK INS (to avoid interruptions). 
  • To insure you receive an appointment at time you prefer please call ahead. 
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  • Record readings on your phone. Guidance can apply for 10 years. 
  • All ages are welcome. I even read the Palms of newborn babies.
  • I love to help Teens, and inspire Students to reach their dreams! 
  • See the Google reviews, 
  • ARC Healing is a spiritual emotional release with a higher vibrational activation. Call to request an ARC brochure for more info.
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  • Please note: 95%-100% Accuracy. I began as a Child Psychic at 3 years old. (Yes, you read that correctly.)
  •  I am an Empath and Medical Intuitive in addition to be a Psychic and Palmist.
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  • Yes, I have worked Police Cases to solve crimes and tune in with missing people.
  • I also cut chords of energy to help FREE you of old relationship's connection. I also help people to find LOVE.
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  •  Past Lives flash in to help you understand your current life path. I am also provide deep RELAX sessions to remove stress /trauma.
  • You can **TEXT ME Your Palms for Palm Reading from anywhere in the World.  Hundreds have and they report it is very inspiring!
Call 503-517-7711 to schedule today. You can also text me

Feeling lost? CALL NOW. You deserve happiness. You can also email me here.


"Your reading was life changing for me and my daughter. Thank you!" - Boni J. Transformational Psychologist, Louisiana-

"Wow! I'm so glad you read my Palms. Your reading was right on!" -Roseanne Barr, Comedian, Hollywood, California-

"How do you see all that in my hands? Clearly, you have some type of advantage!" -HP Bachinger, PH.D. Biochemist, Oregon-

"I went to Sylvia Brown the Psychic for a reading but you gave me way more insight for my life. Thank you! - Linda C., Washington-

"Thank you for saving our marriage. It took some work to follow your advice. We almost broke up. With your guidance we are much happier together. -Chris and Michael-

Copyright Mariel 2020. All rights reserved. Please respect intellectual property. I do not give permission to reproduce these pages.

During Readings and Healings I go into a light trance meditative state to bring the most insight that I can to you. That is how my Psychic Readings and Palm Readings bring you more. Not at all like Others who only answer one or two questions, I am here to inspire you on your Life Path. I also work with you as a Life Coach and Psychic Counselor. The insight you receive is often life changing.

Remember this: You are never alone. Feel better in even ONE session! 
And to learn more about what to expect you can go to Google and read the many reviews previous clients wrote to share their experience.

  • Get to a Better Place
  • Enjoy Happiness and Good Health
  • Find Love and Happiness that Lifts You Up
  • Receive Greater Understanding in Your Relationships
  • Embrace Love For Yourself and Be Fully Who You Are 
  • Have More Peace, Calm, and Confidence for Making Better Choices
  • Find Your Life Path and Reap the Rewards of Abundance and Your Best Life
You are welcome to come one time for Life Guidance.
You can also come one time for Healing.
However, for more serious situations an instant "push the button" solution does not exist!
Spiritual Classes that are available for ongoing support for all ages. Graduates have been as young as 8 years old.
Learn ARC Healing, becoming Intuitive, practical energy tools, and how to RELAX and gain confidence. Learn how to release anxiety and work with your own abilities!

REQUEST our brochure on ARC Energy Healing if you are ready. You will feel it! 
Be the change you wish to see in the World. Become an ARC Energy Healer in 4 classes.


  • 10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, Oregon 97005, USA
  • PARK PLAZA Building 2, Suite #470 (20 minutes from downtown Portland and SE Sellwood area for quick access.) PLEASE CALL Mariel 503-517-7711 TO MAKE APPOINTMENT> Let me know your preferred Date/Time/and Length of time you wish to reserve. I do Private Sessions AND Group Readings to Inspire you. -or - Phone Readings also available. (Beaverton Office is where we meet. That is where I have been for 20 years.