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Heal Your Mind-Body & Spirit

Psychic Readings can be combined with deep relax Sessions of ARC Spiritual Healing which clears your Aura and balances your Chakras. All sessions are good for healing of chronic conditions including Anxiety, Entity Attachments, Fear, Pain and whole host of physical ailments. Feel peace and calm along with relief from symptoms. Tangible results that are physically noticeable are your proof.

Clients report that sessions are Life Changing. Experience it for yourself.


  • RATED #1 on Google
  • KGW-TV Award:  Portland's Most Trusted Psychic
  • Over 8,000 People's Lives have been touched by Mariel
  • In Person & By Phone Worldwide: Appointments 7 Days A Week
  • Serving the Northwest Community since 1997
  • Featured on TV, Radio, and the News for her Abilities
  • Offers Classes and Personal Mentoring at Heartwings School
  •  Natural Born Clairvoyant Psychic-Medium-Palmist and Healer
**TEXT ME Your Palms for Palm Reading from anywhere in the World.  Receive good news about opportunities awaiting you and the natural abilities you possess.
+ Bringing Healing to You Long Distance -or- in Person. Is someone you know suffering? Please help me to help them by referring them for an ARC Healing Session.

A Warm Welcome to All Faiths, Beliefs, Religions, Non-Believers, Races, Skeptics and Spiritual Seekers! Call me at 503-517-7711 and receive compassionate wisdom.

NEEDING ANSWERS NOW? Feeling lost? Wanting Inspiration? Relationships, Lovelife, Health, Finances, and Career are all included in your Life Path Reading. I am devoted to helping you find your Life Direction and Happiness. Your Palms give a 'Life Map' for paths to success. TEXT me photos of your palms to receive a Reading wherever you are. I tune in by phone worldwide. Wanting to see what the Tarot Cards say? I do that too.

I am a Natural Born Psychic with a University Education in Counseling. As an Empath, Healer, Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, and Career Coach I can sensitively feel what you feel. And I see Auras. All sessions are filled with Healing and given to Inspire You!

Once upon a time I had a successful Corporate Career and am very good at helping you make PRACTICAL choices. Then I received my True Calling of helping you during my NDE _ Near Death EXperience in 1976. While out-of-body I was assigned to be of service and relay messages as a Medium who communicates with Angels and loved ones. And it was during my NDE experience I was filled with Healing, and incredible Unconditional Love, that I now bring through to you from the Source.

During Readings and Healings I go into a light trance meditative state to bring the most insight that I can to you. That is how my Psychic Readings and Palm Readings bring you more. Not at all like Others who only answer one or two questions, I am here to inspire you on your Life Path. The insight you receive is often life changing.

Remember this: You are never alone. Feel better in even ONE session! And to learn more about what to expect you can go to Google and read the many reviews previous clients wrote to share their experience. Truly, we are all in this world together. My Mission is to help you receive greater understanding and more happiness:

  • Get to a Better Place
  • Enjoy Happiness and Good Health
  • Find Love and Happiness that Lifts You Up
  • Receive Greater Understanding in Your Relationships
  • Embrace Love For Yourself and Be Fully Who You Are 
  • Have More Peace, Calm, and Confidence for Making Better Choices
  • Find Your Life Path and Reap the Rewards of Abundance and Your Best Life
Receive continuing support through ongoing Spiritual Classes and Healing. I am a personal Life Coach at Heartwings School. I Mentor you one-on-one.

You are welcome to come one time for Life Guidance or continue in Spiritual Classes that are available for all ages. (Graduates have been as young as 8 years old.) Learn ARC Healing, becoming Intutive,  practical energy tools, and how to RELAX and gain confidencei. Learn how to release anxiety and work with your own abilities! Feeling something holding you back? Past Lives Therapy (PLT) is also offered in private sessions. Free yourself from the chains and conditioning of the past. Opportunities await you!

Start making better choices today. Call to Schedule a Session. Open 7 days a week. As an Award-Winning Psychic Palm Reader and Teacher, who has been frequently featured on TV and Radio, I will guide you to discover your Life Path. Be the true you!


"Your reading was life changing for me and my daughter. Thank you!" - Boni J. Transformational Psychologist, Louisiana-

"Wow! I'm so glad you read my Palms. Your reading was right on!" -Roseanne Barr, Comedian, Hollywood, California-

"How do you see all that in my hands? Clearly, you have some type of advantage!" -HP Bachinger, PH.D. Biochemist, Oregon-

"I went to Sylvia Brown the Psychic for a reading but you gave me more insight for my life. Thank you! - Linda C., Washington-

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  • SE Tacoma St at SE 13th, Portland. CALL for Address.
  • CALL or TEXT Mariel 503-517-7711 to Make Appointment. Please Indicate Preferred Location/Date/Time and Length of Session You Want. Call Ahead Works Best! 2nd Place: 10700 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Park Plaza Bldg 2, Beaverton, Or 97005 - or - Phone Readings.