Psychic Readings +ARC Healing

I am a natural-born Psychic and Empath Healer. I tune in with you and loved ones who are far away. I am Clairvoyant+Clairaudient-Clairsentient and a Spiritual Medium. International Advisor, I started doing Readings at 3 years old! Over 30 years of experience. I combine Psychic Readings with ARC Healing. Angels are with me since I survived a Near Death Experience (NDE). Healing Energy clears Trauma. Feel better!

Palm Reading and Life Path Guidance

Insight For YOU> Spiritual and practical guidance. Your hands reveal everything about you: talents and gifts, essence, career opportunities, love life, future family and relationships. 60 mins includes Soul Mission. MUCH MORE than entertainment. Focus on GOOD NEWS and inspiring you.

Book of Insight for Empaths and Survivors

"Cinderella Lives in a Bomb Shelter" by Mariel Martin A true story of a daughter's search for love. A spiritual journey with insights for sensitives, empaths, spiritual seekers and mature teens, and all survivors struggling to rise above the past and find peace.Book Link: $17.95 paperback -0r- Ebook kindle $8.99 Facebook: Mariel Martin (School of Arc Healing) Instagram: Mariel-Cinderella-Lives

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